About the Faire

Camelot CampgroundThe Wikipedia entry defines a Renaissance Festival as "an outdoor weekend gathering ... which emulates a historic period for the amusement of its guests." For 2010, the Four Kingdoms event expands beyond the traditional European Renaissance motif by adding a full-on pirate theme. From historical reenactors and living history encampments, to Hollywood-inspired piratey antics, this event will offer two days of family friendly fun and entertainment (and maybe some edgier stuff just for the grown ups). Even if a little bit of "history" spills over, the major focus of this event is to provide you and your friends/family with two days of ongoing stage and improv entertainment.

If you have never attended a Renaissance festival before, this page might help you out.

Event History


The 2010 event is produced by SwordInTheStone Prod UnLtd, and hosted by Camelot KOA Campgrounds.

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